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    2. Prepaid Cards

      Prepaid Cards

      Make payments and access your funds conveniently with the elephant in your wallet

      A pre-paid card is a payment card loaded with money to make purchases anywhere that a debit or credit card is accepted including ATMs, POS, mobile money, online, abroad, etc.

      Our pre-paid cards are EMV compliant (having both chip and magnetic stripe) and all transactions are verified and authorized via two-factor authentication, that is, card and PIN/signature.

      Co-op Bank pre-paid cards include:

      • Co-op Pay
      • HELB Student Smart Cards
      • Sacco Pay

      With a Pre-paid card you can:

      1. Make purchases in person, online, or by phone
      2. Give gifts to friends and family
      3. Withdraw cash from an ATM or bank
      4. Receive wages or funds by direct deposit to the card
      5. Pay bills


      • DO NOT share your PIN
      • DO NOT write your PIN on the card or anywhere else
      • Keep your card safe at all times

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